Blackberry Bush



  • How long does it take? Depends on how far you want to go. You can follow it for one course (2 months) or for all three (over the period of a year and a half). Six months, total, of instruction over 18 months.
  • Does it matter which of the three courses I take first? No. You can start anywhere and end anywhere. Hop on now!
  • Will it meet all year? No, two months in the fall and two months in the spring, every year. Summers and Winters will be off so that you can socialize with your new friends from the course.
  • Is it like the Alpha Course? Yes! But it covers a lot more ground (over a long period of time).
  • What is a typical Blackberry Bush session like? A meal, musi, followed by ┬áthree short talks, followed by a discussion at your table in which all opinions are welcome.
  • Why do you call it the Blackberry Bush? Come and find out!
  • Can I bring people I know? Of course! The course is for everyone.
  • Does it cost anything? The meal $5.00 and childcare is free! Some will want to cover the cost of materials and the food. Others will want to give large donations. There will be a box for offerings at the center of every table. All checks should be made out to Robinwood Church and will be tax deductible. You can also give your regular weekly church offering at the Blackberry Bush if you forgot to bring it that morning. You can also give online:
  • Will anything be uncomfortable, socially? Will I be made to do anything I don’t want to do? Our pledge to you and your guests is that we will never do anything to pressure you in any way. Lots of invitations to great experiences, but no sales jobs. Zero pressure.
  • Will there be child care? Yes. And if you want to donate to it you can put an offering in the offering box at your table.