Stan & Kathy Kadowaki

How did the Lord lead you to worship at Robinwood as a church family?
When Robinwood was meeting at the school multi-purpose room, we felt led to visit. We enjoyed the freedom of the Word being taught and our search for a home church was over.

Where did you grow up?
Buena Park, CA

Tell us about a time your faith came alive.
In my mid-twenties, I prayed for Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, to forgive my sinful ways, and to help me serve Him all of my days. Life has never been the same. He rescued me! By seeking Him, praying, reading and studying His Word, He has given me glimpses of the radical, fullness of relationship He was offering.

What are some of your passions for our church?
• Praying that everyone who walks in the church will experience the Lord.
• The relationship of His Fatherhood in our lives
• The Mighty Wind of the Holy Spirit will continue to raze all opposition

Tell us about your family.
The Lord has blessed me with the honor and privilege to be the husband to my best friend, my beautiful wife Kathy. The dreams and plans we once had for our future have paled in comparison to how the Lord has colored our lives, and directed our steps. Our children; Corey (14), Christian (9), and Jocelyn (8), are the evidence of His Wonder in our family. We stand in awe every time we slow down and appreciate the unique nature of each of our children.

How did you end up in your current vocation?
God moves us from Glory to Glory, and I know He was strategic, intentional and precise when He led me into a place where money ruled. The financial services industry is traditionally not a place where work and worship coexisted. Thankfully, Kingdom Leadership was being taught after working hours and a Christian Professional Marketplace Ministry was born. The company I work for is Mighty Dove Financial Group. The revenues are primarily used to fund Christ centered ministries.

How can we get in touch with you?